The Early Morning Miracle

How about instead of hitting the snooze button every morning and just about dealing with the day ahead, rushing around in a scramble to beat the morning commute to work, you change a habit of a life time and get your day off to an effective start. The biggest challenge is to make that effort … Continue reading The Early Morning Miracle

Creating a Vision Board

Want to make a powerful visualisation tool to help produce the life that you want?  Try creating a vision board!! Vision boards are a collection of images and possible phrases that reflect what you envision your life should be, how you want to feel and/or what you want to achieve. For example, this could be … Continue reading Creating a Vision Board

Goal Setting and Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

So how's the new year going?  Still sticking to those resolutions or have you still to make any? For many the start of the new year means starting the year off anew with promises of finding a better job, getting fit, losing weight, giving up a bad habit or saving/paying off debts.  Every year I … Continue reading Goal Setting and Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet!