Welcome to Angel Reis (pronounced “rays”).

This site is dedicated to spiritual wellness and living a positive life, sharing articles on new age thinking, spirituality and positive living.

So why Angel Reis? The “Angel” bit is self explanatory.  Rei is pronounced similar to “ray” and is a Hebrew word that has its origins in biblical texts.  It means “my companion, my friend, my shepherd”.  So angel reis literally means angel companions.

I believe we all have within us the ability to create a life we truly desire; we just need the tools to help us.  In the blog I share the techniques that I use to enhance my life, spirituality in the modern world and connecting to higher sources of consciousness.  I want to help others to make their world and the world around them a better place.  If you want that too, then may be the place for you.

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Being Grateful

Cultivating gratitude is an acquired skill.  In a recent study, adults who participated in a gratitude letter writing exercise experienced significant improvements in their mental health. Many studies have found that people who make a conscious effort to count their blessings tend overall to be less depressed and happier. * Think of someone you know … Continue reading Being Grateful

Visit to Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Over the Easter break we were lucky enough to spend a couple of days away in Edinburgh.  Edinburgh is steeped in history and is a lovely place to visit, full of history and Victorian architecture.  A short distance outside of Edinburgh, approximately seven and a half miles away, lies Rosslyn Chapel, a mid 15th century … Continue reading Visit to Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

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