Welcome to Angel Reis (pronounced “rays”).

This site is dedicated to spiritual wellness and living a positive life, sharing articles on new age thinking, spirituality and positive living.

So why Angel Reis? The “Angel” bit is self explanatory.  Rei is pronounced similar to “ray” and is a Hebrew word that has its origins in biblical texts.  It means “my companion, my friend, my shepherd”.  So angel reis literally means angel companions.

I believe we all have within us the ability to create a life we truly desire; we just need the tools to help us.  In the blog I share the techniques that I use to enhance my life, spirituality in the modern world and connecting to higher sources of consciousness.  I want to help others to make their world and the world around them a better place.  If you want that too, then may be the place for you.

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Summer Solstice Celebrations

Today is the summer solstice (for those in the northern hemisphere), the longest day of the year and a day of celebration for pagans, wiccans, druids and anyone else who, like me, loves taking part in the rituals and celebrations of the pagan calendar. Over recent years I’ve taken part in celebrations for the spring … Continue reading Summer Solstice Celebrations

Being Grateful

Cultivating gratitude is an acquired skill.  In a recent study, adults who participated in a gratitude letter writing exercise experienced significant improvements in their mental health. Many studies have found that people who make a conscious effort to count their blessings tend overall to be less depressed and happier. * Think of someone you know … Continue reading Being Grateful

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