Mighty Angels by Your Side

Angels are our life’s navigation system that can help guide us through our life’s journey and help create a better life.

My new book “Mighty Angels by Your Side” is available from and in paperback and Kindle formats (see links in this section).

Are you curious about angels? Do you wish to learn about angels? Do you wish to develop your connection with the angelic realm more fully?

There are exercises and information in the book that will help the reader connect with the angelic realms, help develop intuition and give more meaning and purpose to life.

The origins of where we get our ideas of angels from are explored, as well as practises and unique meditations with which to deepen angelic connections. In addition, there is a section on raising one’s vibrational energies and psychic protection techniques. The book helps give a deeper understanding of the seven great archangels and how, the saints and commentators through the ages arrived at their ideas of what and who the angels are, their roles and the angelic hierarchies.

Chapters include:

The seven great Archangels

Guardian angels

Connecting with the angelic realms

Raising your spiritual vibration to connect with the angels

How to give an angel card reading

Finding your soul purpose

And much more.

Mighty Angels by Your Side, is the culmination of learning and developing my own spiritual practice over the past 20 years.  I have brought together everything I have learnt on angels and spirituality to help the reader develop their intuition, guidance and connect to guardian angels, angels and archangels.    It brings together unique meditations, techniques and practical exercises in which the reader can use to develop their spiritual practice and in turn enhance their daily life with the assistance from the angelic realms.

Link to Amazon UK Mighty Angels by Your Side

Link to Amazon US Mighty Angels by Your Side




Walking Into the Light: A Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Development

My book “Walking into the Light: A Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Development” is available from and in Kindle and paperback formats (see links below).

Containing exercises, meditations and visualisations it is a valuable resource for anyone on the metaphysical path, who wishes to develop their spiritual growth.  In it, I recount some of my own personal experiences as I draw upon everything that I have learnt along the way.

Each chapter has a meditation symbol at the beginning and an inspirational quote.  At the end of each chapter there is a practical task to try out.  Every chapter contains information, meditations and exercises throughout.

The book gives methods and practical activities to assist in revealing your spiritual abilities and is a culmination of twenty years of my journey on the spiritual path put into one book.  I wanted to give the reader all the information they could want to know in one book to assist them on their spiritual journey.  Some of the topics covered are:


The Chakras

Connecting with spirit guides

Angelic communication

Working with nature spirits

Manifestation techniques

Creating abundance

And much more……

Now available on Kindle and paperback.  Also check out my Bio on both US and UK sites.


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