The Writing Journey

Just recently I’ve taken a break from publishing blog posts as I have been busy writing my new book.  That book was published just last month in January (on my birthday) and is entitled “Mighty Angels by Your Side”.

The book is all about, you guessed it, angels!!  It was a labour of love for me, I really enjoyed the whole process of creating it and am very proud of the content.  It’s not for everyone, as someone said to me the other week “angels just aren’t my bag” and that’s fine.  Some people are really into angels, some people aren’t.

I really didn’t think that I would be writing so soon – my first book “Walking into the Light” came out at the end of April 2017 – but somehow I felt compelled to use my summer break to really focus my efforts and get my next book underway.

Writing has been far more enjoyable than I ever thought possible.  Don’t get me wrong; some days I really struggle to get going.  But when I do it’s amazing how much gets done.

It’s important to focus and plan, so goal setting worksheets were used to plan my writing.  Things didn’t always go to those plans, but I set myself a series of goals and actions that were required for me to achieve my goal through focussed effort.  Those goals were constantly revisited and reworked as progress was made.  The end result was a successfully completed book and my best work yet.

The setting and implementing of goals helps steer your focus towards manifesting your desires.  Successful people set goals, goals give the focus towards the dreams you have.   Setting goals directs the attention and gives you something to work towards.  They give direction, something to strive for and ultimately self-satisfaction when the goal is achieved.  It’s only a dream while it’s in your head; when you write it down it then becomes a goal.

It’s important for me to take inspiration from other successful authors in my genre.  These include Wayne Dyer whose work has heavily influenced my ideas and who I have quoted in my work; Eckhart Tolle and Doreen Virtue (her old work).  Doreen, for those of you who don’t know, has renounced much of her work recently but I still love her early work and she was a pioneer on the world of angels.  Her books changed my life and still hold a lot of meaning for me. I may feature Doreen in a future post.

When writing, I try to stay in the mindset of the successful writers I adore; constantly reading bits of their work and watching videos to keep me inspired.  Keeping in the right mindset is imperative for me as I write, and it helps keep the focus in my work.

I write in the same way Dyer did; everything is written longhand before being typed up.  It keeps the flow.

The process of writing can be all consuming….hiding away in my little study, surrounded by  piles of books and papers to help me with my writing, with endless cups of coffee, biscuits and my favourite comfy jog pants.  I’m sure if I smoked there would be an endless supply of cigs too but thankfully I quit that habit many years ago.

I aimed to write at the same time each day, between 8 am and 1 pm and follow the same routine.  I would wake up at around 6 am, meditate for 20 minutes then after a shower take the dog for an early morning walk, which helped to clear my mind and focus my thoughts.  Once home, I’d switch on my computer, check a few emails and then try very hard not to be distracted by social media.

That’s the hardest part of writing I’ve found – keeping focussed and not to be distracted by things like social media.  Social media I’ve found can be the biggest distraction in the modern world.

Now that my book is finished I shall endeavour to create more blog posts.  I am currently branching out into health and wellbeing events so that I can promote my work and get my message “out there”.  Some of the posts I made previously were quite time consuming, so I’ve decided that I may change my posts slightly to be a little bit more personal and so that I can post with more regularity.  I will also be posting excerpts from my work and videos very soon.

My next book may be some time yet, but who knows what the future holds.