The Writing Progression

After finishing my first book I really thought that was it.  No more writing for me!  I could just sit back and watch the book sell itself.  Then I realised that it just doesn’t work that way.

A couple of months after my book came out, I went to an author’s afternoon in Yorkshire.  There, a fellow author described his writing journey and how, once you’ve done your initial book, you need to sit down and write another. My heart sank.

After some pondering and initially convincing myself that there just wasn’t another book in me, I began to wonder if I could do it all again.

I just loved and still love the whole process of writing.  Shutting myself away from the outside world in my little room, drinking endless cups of coffee, wearing scruffy joggers was my idyll.

Sharing my knowledge through the power of the written word was quite a revelation for me.  I felt empowered, complete almost.  I’d had people come to me and tell me how my book had helped them through some difficult times; helped them on their path.  True, some people didn’t get it, but that’s fine also.

Consequently, I sat down during the May bank holiday and planned how I would write my next book.  I knew what the subject matter was going to be as it was meant to be the subject of my first book, only I didn’t quite get there and digressed somewhat.

So I began to sit down and write my second book during my extended summer break.  I built upon what I knew and what I had learnt in various workshops and literature that I had read.  The words flowed to me, it came easy to me.  I hardly ever struggled to write.  Some of the concepts I used were already in my first book but to not incorporate them into this body of work would have left it incomplete.

By the end of September 2018, I’d finished my second book and sent it off for editing.  It felt euphoric to think that I had accomplished what I had set out to achieve; I’d completed my second book.  Yet, prior to this, I’d written myself off as a one trick pony.

In publishing my second book I’ve seen a progression in my writing.  And at the end of the day the more books I have the more books I can sell.  One supports the other.  If a reader finds one of your books interesting they will probably buy your other book.

The second book came out in January 2018 and I timed it to be released on my birthday.  Things just couldn’t have worked out better.  I now know the importance of planning my work, working to a self-imposed deadline and how the writing and publishing process evolves.

Will there be a third book? Not just yet, I’m busy trying to promote the books I have.  But come summer, I may just may be inspired…

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