YouTube Channel | Meditations to Listen To

Meditation changed my life twenty years ago, whilst I was in the depths of a deep, dark depression. By practicing meditation daily, I slowly began to change my life and began to experience a new way of living, one so much better than I had ever previously envisaged..

I now coach others in the art of meditation, positive mindset and connecting with soul guidance. Because I’m so passionate about meditation and how it can drastically change your life for the better, I now create and share meditation videos on YouTube. It’s my gift to the world.

There are many ways to meditate, and many different angles from which to approach meditation. Many of my videos are guided meditations, whereby I guide you through a visualisation. Some work on tension in the body and working on the breath.

Other videos I share are simply relaxing music videos with relaxing images; these videos are specifically designed as background music for therapists, yoga teachers, meditators and as an ambient background for many settings.

Please click on the following link and like and subscribe to my channel:

Photo by Wouter de Jong from Pexels

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