Working with Crystal Energy

This is my first post for a while as I have been very busy over the summer months working on my new book “Mighty Angels by Your Side”.  It’s a book about (maybe you’ve guessed already), angels!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this new book and have been absolutely focused on getting it finished.  Everything fell perfectly into place whilst writing over the summer and I am very excited over its forthcoming release.  The book is currently undergoing editing and as of yet there is no release date, but all will be revealed in due time!

The following is extracted from the book, on using crystals for raising one’s energy levels in readiness for spiritual work, meditation and for personal healing.

Working with Crystals

There is a saying that one does not choose crystals; they choose you!  If you go into a crystal shop and are constantly drawn to a particular crystal, then that is the one for you.  It is best to pick whatever crystal you are drawn to, rather than have a specific crystal in mind.  Use your intuition and inner guidance when choosing crystals.  If you are struggling to decide what crystal to choose, take a deep breath and tune into your inner guidance. Pick the crystal(s) that you feel most drawn to.

If you do wish to buy a crystal for a specific purpose, then consult a crystal directory or use an online resource to check which crystals may be preferable for the purpose you have in mind.  The crystal that speaks to you is the right one.

If you are purchasing from an online store, do check out their returns policy so that if isn’t suitable you can return it.

When purchasing from a shop, handle several crystals and pick the one(s) that make you tingle or you feel you have a strong connection with.  Ask for angelic guidance if you’re finding it difficult choosing.  Don’t shy away from rough crystals (ones that are not polished) as they still have very effective energies.

Cleansing Crystals

When you have chosen your crystal, it will need cleansing.  However, some crystals, such as selenite are porous and are not suitable to cleanse in water, so check.  I once ruined a beautiful hand made turquoise ring made by keeping it on when washing the dishes, so it’s important to ensure that they won’t be damaged in water.

Crystals need cleansing if they have been gifted to you and also when they are newly purchased.  If they have been used for healing work they also need to be cleansed before using again.  Crystals absorb negative energies and so need regular cleansing.  There are some though that are self cleansing such as citrine, azeztulite and kyanite.  A bed of citrine can be used to lay small crystals on top to cleanse them.

To clean crystals they can be cleansed under running water (a stream or tap) or put into a bowl of water containing salt overnight.  Ensure that the crystals are rinsed of any salt and again, check that the crystal is not porous and can’t be damaged by leaving in water.  On the other hand, crystals can be left out under a full moon.  Alternatively, they can be smudged by being passed over smoke from a smouldering sage stick or incense.  As you pass the crystal through the smoke hold the intention that the smoke is cleansing the crystal of all negative energies.  Or, you can hold a crystal and visualise it being cleansed of negative energies leaving only positive vibrations.

Crystals are wonderful at lifting energies and consciousness, especially useful when working with the angelic realm.  They are wonderful to hold whilst meditating. Alternatively, you can carry them in your pocket to uplift you during the day or use crystals for healing purposes.

Crystals can be kept in pouches of velvet or silk when not in use to keep them protected.  Velvet pouches can easily be purchased very cheaply from new age shops or online.

Some Useful Crystals

There is a huge wealth of crystals on the market and far too many to list here.  However, these are some of my favourite crystals.  If you wish to learn more in-depth about crystals I recommend any books by crystal expert Judy Hall.

Agate                    A grounding and balancing stone, soothing and calming.  Heals inner anger, good for emotional trauma.  Raises consciousness and encourages assimilation of life experiences.

Amethyst            A powerful and protective stone, transmutes negative energies, a spiritual stone.  Enhances spiritual awareness and aids meditation.  Good for overcoming addictions.  Helpful for insomnia, memory and motivation.

Angelite              A stone of awareness, facilitates contact with the angelic realms, aids telepathy and out of body journeying.  Assists with attaining peace and tranquillity.

Aventurine         Good for geopathic stress and for prosperity.  Calms negative situations, relieves stammers, relieves anxiety and fears, promoting feelings of well-being.

Bloodstone        Cleanses the blood, believed to possess magical and mystical properties, gets rid of negativity.  Helps with mental processes.

Carnelian            A stabilising stone that is good for motivation and creativity.  Gives courage, protection and good concentration.

Citrine                  An energising stone and a good cleanser.  Transmutes negative energies and attracts abundance, success and prosperity.  A joyful stone and good for overcoming fears and phobias.

Clear Quartz       Powerful healing stone, works on all levels. dispels negativity, a good all-round stone.  Amplifies energy, enhances psychic attributes, aids concentration and memory.

Flourite                Good for psychic protection, dispels negative energies, overcomes disorganisation.  Can help with spiritual awakening, promotes structure, gets rid of chaos and is stabilising.

Hematite            A grounding and protective stone, gets rid of negativity, balancing.  Good for addictions, getting rid of limitations.  Good for the blood.

Jasper                   Good for stress, protection, assists with balancing emotions and grounding.  A good stone for healing.   Helps with courage and shamanic journeying.

Labradorite        A mystical stone, raises consciousness and gets rid of negative energies.  Enhances psychic abilities and aids intuition.  Gets rid of insecurities and fear.

Lapis Lazuli         Stimulates psychic abilities, gets rid of stress and gives peace.  A protective stone and gives harmony.  Good for communication.

Moldavite           A rare stone that enhances communication with the higher self and spiritual dimensions.  Good for meditation and balancing the mind and body.

Moonstone        A stone of intuition, calms the emotions and can help with clairvoyance.  Helps balance emotions and is nurturing and calming.

Rose Quartz       A stone of unconditional love and peace.  Opens the heart to love, forgiveness and compassion.  Helps with positive affirmations and a good stone for mid-life crises.

Selenite                 A stone for angelic communication, excellent for meditation and spiritual work.  Good for relieving stress and assists in gaining good judgement and insight. Dissolves in water.

Smokey Quartz   A grounding and protective stone, relieves stress. Brings calmness, promotes concentration and neutralises fearful thoughts.  Excellent for meditation and communication.

Sodalite               Good for meditating, calms and clears the mind.  Helps get rid of old mental conditioning and can help alleviate phobias, fears and guilt.

Tiger’s Eye          A protective stone, traditionally used to ward off ill wishes and curses.  Gives clearer perception and insight, good for resolving inner conflicts.  Enhances psychic abilities.

Tourmaline        Transmutes dense energies, a shamanic stone good for protection.  A powerful healing stone, enhances inspiration, tolerance, compassion and attracts prosperity.

Turquoise           A powerful protection and healing stone, aids in communication in the spiritual and physical worlds.  Dispels negative energy, calms the nerves when public speaking, brings inner calm.


Extracted in part from “Mighty Angels by Your Side” available soon.