Making a Crystal Grid

As a follow on from the last blog post on crystals, here’s a quick piece on using your crystals to make a crystal grid.

Crystal grids are basically an arrangement of crystals to help focus your intentions.  Crystals grids can be made for a variety of reasons.  They can be for prosperity, general manifesting, family unity, love, career, or finding peace and harmony to name a few.

They are a great focal point for your intentions.  There are a range of templates available to use to set your grids, of varying geometrical shapes using sacred geometry.  These may be purchased from shops or online by way of ready printed cloths, printed copper plates, or you can download and print them from the internet.  The geometric shapes used may be Metatron’s cube, the Flower of Life or the star of David amongst others.  There is a wealth of crystal grid templates available online to use or to give you ideas.  Of course, you don’t have to use a template to make your grid, you can make your grid into any shape or mandala that you are guided to use!

The crystals you use are your choice.  They could be clear quartz crystals, or you may wish to choose crystals for love (such as rose quartz) or prosperity (such as citrine) or combinations of various crystals. You can use stones that align with your intention, if you’re unsure what stones to use, do some research.  Alternatively use your inner guidance.

Pick a suitable place on which to put your crystal grid.  This will be somewhere where you can see it regularly and in a place where it will not be disturbed.  This may be a table, a shelf or an altar if you have one.

When you are ready, pick the intention that you wish to work on.  Then choose the shape that you wish to use for your grid.  Next, choose the crystals that you wish to place on your grid. Choose a specific crystal for the centre of your design, which will act as your “master” crystal and also have a pointed crystal at hand to activate the crystals when the grid is finished.  If you wish you can write down your intention for the crystal grid on a piece of paper.  This can then be folded and placed under the central master crystal when your grid is finished.

Next, get creating!  Start to make your grid working from the outside in.  The last crystal you place will be the master crystal in the middle.  If you have written your intention on paper this can now be placed under the master crystal.

Finally, get the pointed clear quartz crystal to use to activate and connect all the other crystals in the grid.  Start from the outside, working in and draw an invisible line between the crystals, connecting them as if by an invisible thread.  Finish connecting at the master crystal in the middle.

The crystal grid can be left and taken down when your intention has manifested, or it can be left for a lunar month, or forty days or as long as you wish!  It is entirely up to you; follow your intuition.

Oh, and keep it away from cats!  My cat Mia just loves to knock those crystals onto the floor and play with them!

Here’s a crystal grid I made using a template of the Kabbalah tree of life design.  I used clear quartz and orange calcite with my master crystal in the middle.  This was placed on a gold cloth and on the outer edges are stones which are embellished with the four major archangel symbols; Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, it looks much better in real life.  I’m sure you could do even better!

Happy grid making!

Featured Photo above by Emily Bauman on Unsplash

Photo below by me of my crystal gridmde

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