Being Grateful

Cultivating gratitude is an acquired skill.  In a recent study, adults who participated in a gratitude letter writing exercise experienced significant improvements in their mental health. Many studies have found that people who make a conscious effort to count their blessings tend overall to be less depressed and happier. *

Think of someone you know who complains all the time.   How do they make you feel?

Gratitude for what we have is something that tends to be overlooked. We can find ourselves focusing on the negatives rather than focusing on the positives. Instead, focusing on and expressing gratitude for what we do have, rather than on what we don’t have, can bring about a more peaceful state. By expressing gratitude, we take away the focus from what we don’t have and the stress and frustration that that brings. Expressing gratitude brings us into alignment with our authentic selves.

Once gratefulness begins to be embedded as part of daily practise and gratitude is given for what we have in life, the law of attraction takes effect.

What we give out, we receive.

Positive thoughts attract positive energies into our everyday existence. Gratitude is a vital element of success. Being grateful can eliminate some of the negative thoughts that can permeate daily life. Gratitude also brings more meaning to life. When you live in a state of gratitude the positive attitude it brings permeates through your life, and in turn attracts positive people and experiences.

I make gratitude part of my everyday life. When I decided to be more grateful for what I had rather than focus on my sense of lack, it changed my life for the better. I felt more positive, and better about myself and my circumstances. I attracted better people into my life. Sure, I seemed to piss people off with my positive attitude, but they were usually the sort of people who were always negative and tended to drag me down to their level. I was better off not being around those sorts of people.

Be grateful for everything in your life: your shower in the morning, the daily sunrise, the journey to work, your job, the food on the table, the weather, whatever money you have in your pocket, your family and your kids. The list is endless. It allows you to be in a state of mindfulness, to be aware of the possibilities, and it takes away some of the burdens of life.

At times, while on the way to work and wishing that I could be at home doing different things, I used to think to myself, ‘I hate my job.’ Most of us have been there. I changed that statement to, ‘I am grateful for my job and the money it pays so that I can enjoy the nicer things in life.’ My attitude to work changed, and I was happier and more successful at my work as a result.

Making a conscious effort to express gratitude can pay dividends.

Write down what you are grateful for in a journal.  Cultivating gratitude as a daily practice will bring you peace of mind, contentment and ultimately more abundance.

Extracted in part from my book “Walking in the Light: A Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Development” available in paperback and on Kindle from and (see my author page links below) or search “Howarth Tomlinson”

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