Creating a Vision Board

Want to make a powerful visualisation tool to help produce the life that you want?  Try creating a vision board!!

Vision boards are a collection of images and possible phrases that reflect what you envision your life should be, how you want to feel and/or what you want to achieve. For example, this could be a new kitchen, new home, personal happiness, family unity, career success, a beautiful garden or a holiday.

A vision board should focus not only on what you want but also how you want to feel. The more your board focuses on how you want to feel the more energy is put into your vision and the more it will come to life.

Vision boards can be drawn by hand using lots of images and colour, using pictures from magazines or catalogues, positive statements or images/memes printed from the Internet. You can even add trinkets, feathers or anything else that takes your fancy and inspires you!

By making a vision board you are creating a sacred space that displays what you want in life. Visualisation is a powerful tool to use in manifesting desires. When you create a vision board and display it in a place where you can see it often you are creating a visualisation experience whenever you cast your eyes upon it.

Anything can be put on to your board that inspires you. Areas to cover may be finance, health and well-being, relationships, the home and personal growth. There is no need, however, to cover all these areas. Focus on areas that have meaning to you. Remember that there is no wrong or right way to create a vision board.

The optimum time to create a vision board is around the time of the new moon. This is a traditional time in the moon’s cycle to manifest desires. It can be done on the actual day of the new moon or the first few days following the new moon. Ultimately though, you can create a vision board at any time you wish.

Task: Create a Vision Board

You will need:

  • A corkboard, a poster board or a large sheet of card.
  • Pins, scissors, a glue stick or sticky tape, coloured pens and pencils if you’re arty.
  • Magazines, catalogues, printed images from the Internet, phrases, sayings, inspirational quotes, photos.

How to do it:

The most important thing is to set time aside in which to create. Preferably it will be around the time of the new moon, which gives it more power, or at a waxing phase of the moon. Set aside one or two hours when you won’t be disturbed. Put on some gentle music, burn incense, or put some oils in a diffuser if you wish. The choice is yours. Lay everything out before gluing or pinning it. I personally like to cover my board so that there are no spaces. Most of all, be creative and let the ideas flow. Enjoy creating!! When you’ve finished, display your vision board in a prominent place where you will see it every day.