Connecting to Your Life’s Purpose

Finding my life’s purpose was something that evaded me for years.   I had a rough idea as to what my life’s purpose was, but it was something that seemed to evade me for years.  When I listened to call-in shows online, the most frequently asked question seemed to be “how do I find my life’s purpose?”.

It came to the point that I realised that I had to stop searching for the answers and asking the same old questions “Should I do this? Should I do that?”.  Instead, I had to take a step back and somehow put myself into a place of faith and trust in the universe, with the knowing that I was exactly where I was meant to be, doing exactly what I was meant to do and that life would unfold exactly as it should, whilst simultaneously and consciously aligning myself to my life’s purpose in that it would reveal itself in due course.

Prior to this I had spent many years chasing what I thought I knew I should be doing and it ending up in a disaster.  Things began to take shape when I took a step back and allowed the universe to make it’s magic.  Things began to manifest with more ease by aligning myself into a state of allowing.  This did not mean that I was lazy and didn’t look for opportunities coming my way.  Rather, I began to allow events to reveal themselves rather than trying to “force” things.  If something wasn’t meant to be or circumstances were stacking up against me I would take a step back and let things unfold in time.

I’m a massive fan of the late Dr Wayne Dyer and in his book “The Power of Intention” (reference below). He identified ten steps to live your life so that you align to your soul purpose. I live by these ideas and they have changed my life.

  1. No-one shows up by accident, not even you. There is meaning to your existence.  Know that you are here on purpose.
  2. Live your life in service to others. Let go of the ego and help others along the way.  If it is your purpose to be a mother, put all your energy into your children.  If’s fixing teeth, put all your energy into making people look the best they can.  Make a difference to others and let the universe take care of the details.  Live in joy and gratitude.
  3. Align yourself to your purpose. Have faith that the universe knows your purpose even if you don’t.  Know that your purpose will be revealed and have faith.
  4. Ignore what others may say that your life purpose SHOULD be. This is your life not theirs.  Listen to your own heart.
  5. Remember that the field of intention will work on your behalf. The universe supports life, see it as friendly, not hostile.  See it working for you, not against you.
  6. Act as if you were living the life you were intended to live. Act as though you are living a purposeful life (this doesn’t mean to spend above your means). Treat obstacles as opportunities to test your resolve and to find your life’s purpose.
  7. Study the lives of people who know their life’s purpose and replicate that. Read about inspirational people you admire and how they were motivated to stay on purpose.  There are many motivational speakers with videos and books.
  8. Meditate to stay on purpose. Dyer recommended the Japa meditation, meditating on the word of God or Aaaaah.  Meditation, even for just a few moments a day will set your intention.  I take time to meditate each morning to set my intentions for the day ahead.
  9. Keep feelings and thoughts in line with actions. Check your thoughts; if you are in dis-harmony it will take you away from your purpose.  Keep thoughts positive and harmonious.
  10. Keep in a state of gratitude. Be thankful for opportunities and obstacles.  See everything from a perspective of gratitude; jobs, successes, people, failures.  All puts you on the path of your life’s purpose.  You’re here for a reason and that is to be purposeful.  Be thankful.  There is much to be grateful for.


Reference: Dyer, W., Dr, (2010) The Power of Intention, Hay House, USA.

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