The Joy of Journaling – A Strategy For Success

“If your life’s worth living, it’s worth recording”.

This is a quote from Tony Robbins, who in case you don’t know, is a hugely successful business and life coach, successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker/author.  He recommends keeping a journal as a strategy for success.

I’ve kept journals for as long as I can remember.  They were recordings in time with reflections of my life, my thoughts, feelings, successes and failures.  Someone once said keeping a journal was weird.  I think he was weird for even saying that!

The most difficult part about journaling is starting.  There’s no magic formula.  Just do what feels right for you. You don’t even have to write formally.  You can mind map, doodle, draw or make lists.  I like to buy nice hard backed notebooks for my journaling, with good quality lined paper inside and with a ribbon marker so I can easily flip to the next clean page ready for writing.  I also have a special pen with which to wrote.  It’s almost ritualistic.

Research is increasingly showing that journaling regularly has many benefits.

It can:

  • Help with anxiety
  • Relieve stress
  • Helps problem solve
  • Assists in getting a good night’s sleep
  • Formulates ideas
  • Helps you feel more relaxed
  • Assist in improving physical health (due to stress relief)

Writing can help release mental blocks to creativity and can help solve problems and clarify any challenges.

Many times when I write in my journal, thoughts and ideas pop into my head which I can then record for future reference. When reviewing an entry in your journal you may come across situations or ideas that you may have forgotten about. It’s also nice to look back at the road travelled, from a place where you once were compared to where you are today.

Reflection is a useful tool. It makes you think about what you did and why you did it, and can also help you to evaluate if it works. Subsequently, it helps identify plans that may need revising, or altering what no longer works for you. Use your journal to document ideas, insights, lessons learnt and, of course, successes.

Try to journal each day.  It need only take ten minutes.  If you forget to journal, do it when you remember.  Don’t make it a chore.

So try it.  You might be surprised at the results!!


  • A link to Tony Robbins 4 step strategy to achieve any goal #1 in his list is journaling!!

  • Previous post on early morning routines including journaling



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